August 22, 2011

The Clown is Down!

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar" the Dawn call for prayer breaks celebrations across a new Libya. As the dawn breaks over the Libyan lands and the golden sun rays touches the faces of the revolutionaries, the dawn of the Arab Spring promises to spread. "I am very happy. I am very happy.... because.. because.. because I am free! YES.. I AM FREE" rejoices an old Libyan man celebrating at the heart of Tripoli. 

Such a euphoric moment! The 41-year-old dictator regime has finally fallen by the brave people of Libya, after six months of martyr bloodshed covering the 'green' square and hearts of Libya. 
Since the beginning of the 'blessed' #Feb17 revolution, the Arabs have followed with buoyant hopes for victory. After witnessing the consecutive falls of Tunisian regime of Bin Ali and Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak, the other 'dominoes' of Qaddafi, Saleh and Assad were harder to befall. Yet, out of the ashes rises the victorious. Close to a dream we've seen revolutionary forces taking control of cities and capturing Qaddafi brigades. 

Each revolution of the Arab Spring that records a victory teaches a different lesson, but one common lesson is: commonality. Arabs feel the same rage because they have been exposed to the same injustice over the decades and have been brought up under the same 'socially-constructed' fear factor. Today, as each people triumph, they peel off a layer of that fear. Libya, in particular, widens the range of possibilities since it is a tribal country. Its societal fabric is very much like a number of countries in the region and it says a lot about the so-called [yet another socially-constructed] uniqueness. "The tribal infrastructure of the society should help with bringing societal solutions and unity, but should not be used as a political influence" an analyst on Al Jazeera. There is so much to be learnt from Libya. 

For four decades, Colonel Muammar Al Qaddafi 'the clown' has been laughed at and mimicked for his insane acts. Always acting in a weird manner, dressed in weird clothing and speaking nonsense. After every speech or meeting, people would pick at his phrases for some entertainment! "Zenga zenga," he says, he will search revolutionary heros - the irony, who is searching who now?

The irony of fate continues to manifest itself; the end of Muammar Al-Qaddafi's son, the ICC has captured Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi, who previously wrote (or has been written to on his behalf) in his PhD thesis: "[Without ICC] the international system wouldn't [be] equipped to bring to justice those responsible for...atrocities". Today, this very ICC has captured him!

On a softer note, his brother Mohammad, the eldest of Muammar's sons had a very different end. He claims that he had surrendered to the transitional council five days before its victory. On Al Jazeera channel, on a phone interview sudden several fire shots were overheard and his faith-testimony was recited "There is no God but Allah..." (more fire shots and louder) and a child's voice was briefly in the background before the call was terminated. I have to say, people watching and tweeting had sympathy for him. For, he had never taken any political positions in his Father's regime and he had housed his mother and had his wife and children all with him and did not flee like the rest of his family. The man discussing in Al Jazeera made a public plea to honour the transitional council for giving Mohammad protection.

Later, it was announced that Mohammad Muammar Al Qaddafi and his family were safe and the fire shot were in defence against some rebels approaching his house. The man on Al Jazeera said "we are a new Libya that must pursue justice and by that we should act, we are not after more bloodshed or revenge, only justice pursuit". These wise words give hope that the new free Libya will rise with values and true meanings of freedom and justice. Let's celebrate our heart that cried the martyrs blood and the Libyans sweats and tears.. Let's celebrate their victory - for today, we are all free Libyans!

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