November 25, 2010

Threads of Thoughts

In our journeying, it is important to acknowledge all that is there to encounter, for these little encounters contribute in creating us. It is impossible to be aware of the many ideas, objects, people and happenings that surrounds us in this universe, like laser beams they struck and pass through, sometimes through these very thoughts that are developed out of nowhere. Like light beams, these thoughts, come to enlighten our darkness, before which we knew not that such darkness exists, within us. At some point, these threads of thoughts create the body of knowledge and these threads of light come together so beautifully creating a body of wisdom, to be sought after until eternity. Afterall, the world's knowledge is nothing but a collection of these cumulative threads of thoughts, but only if they are coupled with light will they contain wisdom. For, knowledge and wisdom are different matters, withouth the former, the latter will not be achieved, but with the latter, surely the former will, eventually perhaps.

November 17, 2010

A State of Nakedness

To know the value of people, try loosing one.
To measure the treasure of a relationship, try breaking one.
To treasure a relationship, anticipate a return, and return.
To realize the miracle of life, try witnessing birth.
To experience love, listen to your heart in silence.
To learn the meaning of perfection, watch nature.
To learn how to succeed in life, strengthen the stamina
To assess the power of the stamina, simply undress.
Stripping down those protective layers is an unrivaled challenge.
Undressing is an awkward situation altogether
it starts with dreadful embarrassment,
Picturing the end result makes it daring.
Requiring a sense of self worth,
a consciousness of confidence
and an aspiration for bold adventure.
Venturing forward at a state of nakedness is half the test,
Eventually, the embarrassment vanishes
Some of the fears are blocked and filtered out
A focusing device to create a solitude of aloneness
Realizing that it is the situation and oneself
Holding the hands of The Divine while abruptly surfing the waves
Helplessly beseeching steering direction
Fear must persist and the yearning to a comforting becomes natural.
This very journey relinquishes all that was once a comforting
Learning from the past
Leaning on the past
Easy it is to simply dress again
To embrace what you had and live it all again
Yet, a new meaning emerges audaciously
Freedom justifies all means and ends
Undressing becomes a sweet temptation
Rising the self to a new challenge to stand still
Creating that sense of an obscure thrill
Submission to the hands of fate is no longer the only way to serendipity
Because dreams do not accept injustice
and injustice to oneself is the greatest sin of all
Resilience therefore becomes  a matter of survival,
The ability to stand winds, waves, and hurricanes
Standing to defy all conceptions and misconceptions,
It is one's own conception of self is all there is
with a sense of daring adventure, it is all there is
For, a person is all that he's got
Fear will be there and passion shall help overcome
A passion that is strong enough to lead through 
To enable the birth of faith that shall breed endless miracles.
A passion that makes an odyssey ever so lucrative.

November 6, 2010

Inception into Dreamscapes

Inception as it was perhaps intended, has left a lot of 'space for thoughts' and also a useful desired reflection. It was indeed coupled with a mystified ending that introduced a new level of daunting amusement of a seemingly appalling 'false' construction of reality. It has succeeded in captivating the viewer into reflecting on one's own journeys of understanding, escaping and perhaps at times 'constructing' one's own reality(ies).

The movie may have put these often thought-of thoughts and 'journey less travelled' into act in a bold yet timid perception. Visited viciously countless times in a time, reality and the escape into little compartments of memories, dreams or hopes are resurrected. It exhibited both the abundance of inspiration and the power of imagination - together hold the capacity of creating Utopian dreamscape(s).

The very idea that 'reality is constructed' is revisited over and over in the past and it seldom feels as though the reasoning is over, conceivably due to that fact that it simply reflects a journey. Although could be named differently, the Islam [submission] to Allah, law of attraction, NLP, metaphysical occurrences, energy healing--seemingly speak an understandable language, things are not so unfathomable anymore, the material with which things are made of, or rather not made of, is invisible!

That may be why it is particularly challenging to understand a world of mystery, it becomes almost impossible to materialize such an invisible world, and speak the unspoken and see with a soul that is not universally the same. This dark side of the universe, or as a matter of fact, the 'light' side of the universe is what makes the journey in this world both bemusing and amusing!