November 25, 2010

Threads of Thoughts

In our journeying, it is important to acknowledge all that is there to encounter, for these little encounters contribute in creating us. It is impossible to be aware of the many ideas, objects, people and happenings that surrounds us in this universe, like laser beams they struck and pass through, sometimes through these very thoughts that are developed out of nowhere. Like light beams, these thoughts, come to enlighten our darkness, before which we knew not that such darkness exists, within us. At some point, these threads of thoughts create the body of knowledge and these threads of light come together so beautifully creating a body of wisdom, to be sought after until eternity. Afterall, the world's knowledge is nothing but a collection of these cumulative threads of thoughts, but only if they are coupled with light will they contain wisdom. For, knowledge and wisdom are different matters, withouth the former, the latter will not be achieved, but with the latter, surely the former will, eventually perhaps.

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