November 6, 2010

Inception into Dreamscapes

Inception as it was perhaps intended, has left a lot of 'space for thoughts' and also a useful desired reflection. It was indeed coupled with a mystified ending that introduced a new level of daunting amusement of a seemingly appalling 'false' construction of reality. It has succeeded in captivating the viewer into reflecting on one's own journeys of understanding, escaping and perhaps at times 'constructing' one's own reality(ies).

The movie may have put these often thought-of thoughts and 'journey less travelled' into act in a bold yet timid perception. Visited viciously countless times in a time, reality and the escape into little compartments of memories, dreams or hopes are resurrected. It exhibited both the abundance of inspiration and the power of imagination - together hold the capacity of creating Utopian dreamscape(s).

The very idea that 'reality is constructed' is revisited over and over in the past and it seldom feels as though the reasoning is over, conceivably due to that fact that it simply reflects a journey. Although could be named differently, the Islam [submission] to Allah, law of attraction, NLP, metaphysical occurrences, energy healing--seemingly speak an understandable language, things are not so unfathomable anymore, the material with which things are made of, or rather not made of, is invisible!

That may be why it is particularly challenging to understand a world of mystery, it becomes almost impossible to materialize such an invisible world, and speak the unspoken and see with a soul that is not universally the same. This dark side of the universe, or as a matter of fact, the 'light' side of the universe is what makes the journey in this world both bemusing and amusing!


  1. neat review Noura, now I want to watch inception! Especially looking forward to seeing their idea of how reality is constructed- a concept I'm totally a fan of- how intriguing!


  2. Thanks Maryooma! It is very interesting and I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride. Looking forward to hearing your own perception of it, or rather your 'reality construction' ;)