October 5, 2010

The Pursuit of Being

How convenient it is to find excuses for 'not being,' simply because we lack the courage to face our struggles and acknowledge our shortcomings. It is human nature to slow down, it is in fact important to slow down in the race of living. These are all a part of the reasons of our existence and threads of the pattern of our living. Whether we (partially) accept it, understand it, celebrate it, embrace it or simply NOT (yet).

In such slowing-down, it is important to be attentive to our changes. Indeed, 'we are a product of our surrounding,' no matter how strong we feel about how we are built, and no matter how entrenched, we wish to be, to that 'original soul' - the unique instinct of our character, the very material from which we are made of. After all, we are all born free, from every 'shaping' pressure, whether interior or exterior. Living, an ex ante estimate, shall contaminate this virgin originality. I say it is rather an estimate because we are alive and therefore unable to verify the results. Yet, the heart (soul) knows the answers and remembers the true meaning, therefore, it celebrates with overjoy the warmth every time we become nearer to to the truth of being.

It is being oneself that I seek. Standing still to defy the winds of change, resisting the currents of 'temptations' which is bound to push one astray. By simply being surrounded by an environment does not necessarily invites one to examine it - hence, it is ever so important to be awake, alert and open to verify such stagnant abyss of boredom, or an otherwise, animation of thrill!

To be, is to test and then testify.

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