March 24, 2010

(Un)Bounded Rationality

The human rationale is said to be bounded. I may agree that the rationale as it stands may be bounded, but the potentiality of the unboundedness is infinite. Just like our infinite universe, what we know (i.e. what our rationale comprehends) and what exceeds that. We have an infinite capacity to everything - learning, knowing, understanding, feeling, and any doing, for that matter. The human mind is limitless in the same way that our universe is - we just see what we like to see. We draw the boundaries and decide that this sets the end of the world, our Solar system, our limits to the thinking, perhaps out of fear of being lost. As I have always believed, "everything in this universe follows the same pattern" and "everything comes in waves". So, if our capacity to learn is limitless, even so is our capacity to feel. The power of our consciousness is dynamic, just how our mind is dynamic. We live in an ever-changing world, nothing is constant, not even our bodies, Earth, heart, brain, thoughts, feelings, understandings. Every heartbeat is not the same, because there is a memory within every cell, which makes it accumulative this reflects our learning and experiences. Even our acknowledgement of the (living)things that surrounds us, it grows with us, but only if we decide to see it. The power of a pre-set mind is so strong that it could define your destiny. If we live free, we open our hearts to feel and our minds to see with no limit. We simply be! Without any fear or even hope - only then will we realize such a potential to undo the learned and unbound the bounded.

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