January 23, 2010

What would you choose?

What should someone choose if faced with an ultimatum.. Love or Gift.. Fulfillment or Ambition.. Looking forward to Come back to home or Going out of home..
If we settle for less, if we accept to belittle ourself so that we could 'fit', if we 'go back' even though we are ready for 'more', even when we don't fit anymore and even when we are 'shooting' off somewhere far.. Will life be worth living? Will the excitement continue to come? Will that urge of achieving something grande sustain our living? will a 'meaning' manifest itself in our days to come? Do we automatically lessen our opportunities to become 'better'? How do we wish to be perceived and acknowledged? Why should it matter? Who matters at the end of the day? Are we limiting the dreams that we plot? Are we shortening the vision that we envision?

I believe the answer lies underneath.. there, in the heart!

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