January 17, 2010


Strangeness is defined as a situation where all strings are unattached. As time goes by we realize that each of us hold many strands that extend into strings that attach to other persons, places, ideas, things, etc. Some strings grow stronger, heavier and pulls us closer unconditionally. Other string may wear out eventually - I believe these strings never cut completely, they would still exist, only we would not feel them anymore. It is most frightening when all string are unattached. You will exist, alone. Sometimes it is important to develop such strength, especially when weak. Sometimes in the midst of weakness, you wish to cut off a string completely. Some strings are attached to the heart, though, and may really sting and eventually torture. Some strings are held in our hands, these are at best control, because you could control the strength at which these strings are held tight. In an ideal situation, you want all these strings to be at the grip of your hands. As my wise beloved Mother always says: Keep your relations with people like Mo'aweya's hair-like string - when people pull you let go a little and when they let go you pull just strong enough to keep that string.

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