January 22, 2010


I often times wonder how one would end up if ‘things that happen for a reason’ went the other way around. If things, as they are now, would have actually went the way we wanted them to go. Or if a person that I randomly met, was someone else in that specific location and time, whom later ends up to be the husband. And if for some reason some decisions were delayed or left undecided, such as having a baby, or pursuing a degree. For these very reasons I thank God for every bit of my life. I am especially thankful for those moments that are unplanned for, unexpected to happen and sometimes to an extent unwanted. For, these seemingly random happenings make up who we are and contribute to what make our memories worth treasuring. I will continue to live my life as it is, appreciating the ‘random’ aspect of how things evolve and come my way. Knowing that every bit of such happenings are determined by previous occurrences in this universe..

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