December 6, 2009

Just keep swimming..

Of the many lessons that life teaches me, there is one that I for sure get quiet well: keep going! There is a quote that I think precisely describe how our journey of life goes by "life is like a bicycle, in order to keep the balance, you must go on".. How true is that? Although we may get confused about the path that we are walking on, the directions that we have in mind, the ground that we are standing on, the intention that resides in our hearts, and the new thoughts, feelings, and desires that come our way.. We must keep peddling.. Just keep swimming! Otherwise, life will not wait for us.. It will keep going, so we must decide to keep up.. While 'catching up' we might loose some parts of who we are along the way.. Or rather, a part of who we 'were'.. now, that we are grown ups.. or more grown.. This is how it works.. c'est la vie!

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