November 19, 2009

Telepathy and Transparency

When someone loves someone, they open up their heart to them. Their emotions, their soul and their mind are in vulnerable situation. Because that loved one is capable of entering your system. Your souls may unite and your telepathy becomes apparent. Only those who are in connection with their own heart and soul will be able to understand the language of the unknown. There is a multi-level of feelings and emotions that are unfathomable to ordinary people. The basic one is the physical love that the heart feels for one person, although for some people this is as complicated as it gets. However, there are often times places that the soul can reach which prove to be even more complicated. When we are in the state of ‘pure love’, and I am not referring to any sexual love, but merrily the deep ‘caring’ and ‘liking’ of a person. It is very similar to the mother’s motherly love to her child, a teacher’s love to her student, a person’s love to their mentor and so on. Then we open up our pathways for that person, our connection becomes ‘transparent’. When this happens, the basic feeling is ‘contentment’, peace and mild excitement. But what actually happens is that the souls unite, they wander around, and they ‘socialise’ somehow. That is why we wake up ‘feeling’ that this loved one is very near that we could almost touch them. During those telepathic encounters, the souls become knowledgeable about each other and they become sort of oriented with what is happening. Therefore, this sort of ‘déjà vu’ feeling is very concrete when the communication happens in real life. It is as though we have been through this particular incident or conversation. These unseen communications are not necessarily communicated in real life, but again, those with transparent souls could verily believe that souls in fact meet before they already meet in real life.

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  1. الله ينصرك يا نورا ويؤيدك بجنود من عنده آمييين