November 6, 2009

The 'Seen' World..

The beauty of life lies in its ambiguity. In our arduous quest for 'righteousness', we stand-up, we walk, we pause, we run, we fall, we stand-up again.. Anyone can witness that, but what no one else can understand is what develops deep inside of us.. The reasons that drive our steps in the journey.. the decision to 'pause' and reflect.. the choice that we make to 'act' upon something.. and the joy we receive by standing up for what we believe in.. responding to our questioned heart and mind.. refusing to go with the flow with no judgement.. unwilling to submit to what 'people' expects you to do.. rejecting the 'labels' and the definitions that are attached to you, or what you thought was you!
How many of us are victims of this very 'giving in' that we endure in our daily lives? How many of us have denied themselves the freedom to know themselves? Have you ever 'been'? Just decided to be? With no judgement, nor fear of judgement? It is very heroic to just 'be'.. so, just be!

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