November 13, 2009

The Sane Mind

In defining righteousness, we must be conscious of the meaning based on our definition that goes along with our system of believes. The word ‘believe’ gives this animation energy even at a stagnant place. It is dynamic process of ‘satisfying’ the mind and heart, it is the conscious acknowledgement and acceptance of something, it is never to be taken fore-granted.

The most important organ in our body, and the most significant, is the heart. – The tangible and intangible aspects. The tangible, is the physical condition of the heart because it supplies life to the entire body. The intangible, is the intellectual and spiritual power that our heart posses. In Arabic, the brain is the physical (crude) organ “المخ”, whereas, the (sane) mind is “ العقل“, which literally means what holds back “الذي يعقل”. In Islam, this latter term the (sane) mind “العقل” is described in the verse as the heart: "لهم قلوب لا يعقلون بها".

Al-Sayyed Abdul-Qadir Al-Jilani explains that the heart is like a mirror that must be cleared from dust in order to reflect the divine light of God: " إذا كان القلب مرآة مصقولة‏,‏ فمن الواجب أن نزيل الغبار الذي تجمع عليها‏,‏ لأن مصير القلب أن يعكس نور الأسرار السماوية‏,‏ فسراج القلب لا يضيء إلا بإشراق نور الله عليه". It is the light that enable us to see, once we are able to see, we seek righteousness.

Our objective in life is neither defined by our geographical location, nor is it defined by our blood origin, nor by our identity - but how we are created. There are at least two given objectives that we must acknowledge. First, is the general objective of the human race, which is to be good and pursue goodness for the betterment of Earth and humanity. This is the pledge that we bare on our shoulders until the day we depart from Earth: "إنا عرضنا الأمانة على السماوات والأرض والجبال فأبين أن يحملنها وأشفقن منها وحملها الإنسان إنه كان ظلوماً جهولا"- I believe it is our pledge to construct and build this Earth for the betterment of humanity following the ways that God has prescribed for us in the Divine Law of the scriptural sources, Qur'an and Sunna. As a prerequisite for that, we must first build ourselves and construct our minds to be able to qualify to be such ambassadors of Earth. الصلاح ثم الإصلاح - be good then give goodness

The second level of our objective in life is more individual, each of us is born to deliver a message that is specifically tailored for the gifts that God has settled in each and every one of us. Here comes our quest to seek what we have passion for so that we could excel and perfect in that zone. This should drive us to bring that particular field forward for humanity to benefit from. This is where through our education and work, we should be able to serve this world.

Along the way, we grow up and we learn, we change, we stumble, we might change direction, our 'mean' will change, and it is only natural to find other mediums to channel our minds and hearts towards that 'end'. Therefore, what we 'believe' in must always comply with what we are doing. Otherwise, the equation will not balance and our chemistry will be disrupted. We will not be true to ourselves and the world, in turn. That is why the (intangible) diseases of the heart are the most dangerous of diseases, such as: headlessness الغفلة, vanity العجب, unfaithfulness الرياء - in fact, Ibn Al-Qayyem Al-Jawzia went further to say that these diseases are major wrongdoings كباىر. At the end of the day (game), it is the heart that counts - and only that!

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