November 6, 2009

A Meaning

"إن الذين لا يرجون لقاءنا ورضوا بالحياة الدنيا واطمأنوا بها والذين هم عن آياتنا غافلون أولئك مأواهم النار بما كانوا يكسبون"

"ورضوا بالحياة الدنيا واطمأنوا بها"


We are not supposed to 'settle'.. We're supposed to be 'on the move'.. Indeed, as travelers, as strangers, as seekers.. Constantly 'seeking' in our refuge, while we're at the path, we will live in an 'accommodation' and from the term it is a place that will 'accommodate' our needs.. But not necessarily a 'habitat' or a permanent place to live.. For, nothing is permanent.. Only the soul is!

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