November 3, 2009

Energy to the World

Energy, like the make-up of our body, constitutes the 'physical' energy that we consume/produce in our body and produce/consume in our economy as well as the 'spiritual' energy that we perceive/consume in our souls.
Likewise, energy to the world is dominated by Saudi Arabia, with the world's largest oil reserves, production and exports - Saudi Arabia, as well, is the world's largest provider of 'spiritual' energy, with the two (out of three) holy lands of Makkah Al-Mukarrama and Medina Al-Munawara. Also, it is the birth of the three religions, perhaps not just Saudi Arabia but also the surrounding lands in the Middle East.
It just occurred to me that even when oil runs out, solar energy could take off and Saudi Arabia will remain a (major) player in the world energy markets. The estimated solar energy capacity is equivalent to 15 TW, which is what the entire world consumes today on a daily basis.


  1. There is an invisible side to everything that is visible. Even in terms of radiations, the sunlight is received at Earth's surface as visible sun rays, but is later converted into invisible constituents. Such as the invisible infrared radiations reflected back into outer space, kinetic energy conserved in every body that absorbed this sunlight. etc.

  2. The entire universe is only livable because it is on THE BALANCE. Earth's energy budget (first and second law of thermodynamics) is in balance. I.e. Energy that comes from the sun is reflected back to outer space.

  3. I have just learned that this 'spiritual' energy is called Dark Energy by NASA theorists. No one has understood it yet.

  4. (إنه يبدأ الخلق ثم يعيده) this verse suggests that in fact everything follows the same route, the same pattern, trend, wave.. we could learn from mimicking our bodies, our universe, our nucleus, our world! once the creation is created, it repeats itself..