November 9, 2009

The Big Picture

It is very important to keep sight of the big picture, the bigger, the biggest.. Step out and envision the overall objective of life, the overall direction of the path, the overall character of yourself. Sometimes it is important to go astray, to get lost, to change direction, to step back, to step down, in order to take the right path again, with a stronger step.. But what if it is an illusion? What if you are in the right path to start with you? Can you trust your heart, always? Will you always get good signals? Can you misinterpret? misjudge? Take wrong decisions? is it also part of your learning? Is it still 'determined'? do 'things still happen for the right reasons'? Would you decide to listen to yourself? Ignore what people think? overlook their judgements about you? It is terrifying just at the thought that you could be wrong.. make the wrong 'stepping down/back'.. If it is all determined.. if we have this brain.. why would it be dangerous to question everything? if we have these thoughts.. why would it be false to imagine and live different scenarios.. to experiment.. to try.. to live.. to learn.. {إن الإنسان خلق هلوعا} maybe it is human-nature to be scared.. to feel lost.. to be indecisive.. to change your mind.. your definitions of what you valued.. and therefore, to change your values.. can you make a mistake by pursuing goodness? what takes priority, the destination or the journey.. the mean or the end..? Sometimes we are forced to sacrifice our ideals for the greater good.. for our own good.. for our own satisfaction.. sense.. and sensibility.. we hope that by doing that, we are moving forward, not backward, improving and not diminishing.. can someone diminish? can someone destruct themselves? I don't think so.. even if you stepped back, it is only to step forward next.. even if you made a mistake, it is only to learn.. again, we must look at 'the big picture'.. because that is what matters.. everything builds up.. the nature of this universe is that it is 'cumulative'.. knowledge, experiences, pain, love, sense of direction.. we learn and we store that.. so the next time we stepped down, we know which direction 'not' to take.. and we go to places that we thought was 'forbidden'.. because we find new insights.. new ventures into little-known paths.. how else will we know? we will definitely not know if we just follow the mainstream.. sometime we have to experience going against the wind, to test our strength.. think for our own self.. decide and live with the consequences.. at least, now.. it is our choice.. it is our life..

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