October 20, 2009

Which to satisfy?

In my tireless pursuit of finding my 'straight path' in life, I often times pause puzzled in front of the following question: Shall I follow my heart or my mind?
The insights that I get from other people sometimes confused me more than help me in realizing the potential 'straightness' of my being. Does every decision that I make needs to comply with my mind, the 'bounded rationality' of the mind, the limited knowledge and understanding that our very own mind was created to be? Why is it then that 'some questions are better avoided' is a prophetic teaching. It is because our reasoning of the unknown is yet to be discovered. Our life is a journey seeking to answer many questions.. Some questions are certain to be left unanswered.
Human capacity to know, is limited. However, human capacity to believe, is limitless! It is due to the fact that our hearts function in ways that our minds do not necessarily understand. Our minds learn from the external environment, from the time we were born to the world and until the time we depart to grave - our knowledge source in the mind is external. On the other hand, the knowledge of the heart, I'll take the liberty to call it 'cognition' or 'conscious' is limitless because it stems its light from The Ultimate Light. The light as we know its nature is strengthened by energy, likewise, our light of 'faith' and belief is strengthened by our spiritual energy intake from Allah. Therefore, what the heart knows stems from inside, which in due course stems its light from The Light of the heavens and the earth, Allah.
There are many verses in the Quraan that invites one to think with one's heart rather than mind. Hence, it is safe to say that our lives should be guided not only by our minds, but even more importantly, with our hearts. It may be difficult to fathom at first, but when the heart believes something is right, we feel it in every cell, in our bones and in our veins. We know it is right, only the mind at times does not understand it and therefore we 'hesitate'. The stronger we feel, the better judgement we can make.

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