October 30, 2009


Since our first breath and until the last, human beings are created as 'seekers'. We seek satisfaction. Our portfolio of satisfaction varies from person to person and it also varies within one person from a phase to another and moment to another. What we decide is our worthwhile quest dictates our seeking journey. That mere 'seeking' is what keeps our blood flowing, what keeps our lungs breathing..
At times we could seek 'what we seek' and think 'what to think' and decide 'what to decide'.. it is in these phases that we feel at an intersection.. when a question needs to be questioned! An action is needed.. everything is at 'pause'.. the whole universe is looking at you and it is your turn to make a move.. a gesture.. express an emotion.. or hide it.. Just something, anything! Because at this moment, our satisfaction is 'change'.. whatever that change is, no matter how small or big. Just something to keep us going and 'satisfy' our endless quest of 'seeking..

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