October 17, 2009


It is quiet depressing to know how the world operates. Perhaps it is the capitalistic world that has evolved to become the world that we know today. Since all our learning s are cumulative, we must learn not to repeat our mistakes over. It seems to me that the world endures a learning curve that must educate the slower nations so as to make a wiser selection of paths to pursue, or at least ‘not’ to pursue paths that have already been taken and proven unsuccessful. In nations’ economic development, there are many factors that contribute to achieving such progression, however, the heart of the matter remains ‘pure economics’. The more a country could preserve in money, the more power and security this country enjoys. Our individual values are disguised under the ‘collective benefit’ and the ‘greater good’, when in fact it is our individual values that make those of our nations. How many leaders have the world witnessed falling hard for choices that they falsely believe are heroic for the good of themselves and for the good of their nations? Human greed and ignorance is endless, perhaps even the latter is at greater endlessness. How do we claim to help the poor, when in fact it is the poor that makes us rich by simply existing? How is it that we convince the world that our ‘international organizations’ are there to organize, when we all know that these are here to ‘control’ what they believe is for the greater good, or their greater good. How do you define ‘greater’ if ‘individual’ is very chaotic and indifferent. Which justice system do we go by? How do you define justice?

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