July 12, 2009

Wasting Time

I hate wasting time! Even worse, I end up wasting more time while worrying about time.. If it is the journey that we must focus on, I am not sure how 'not' to waste time. Often times when I'm reading an article for my research, I can't help but sway in my mind about the many ideas that could be developed from the ideas that I'm reading, and how these relate to my research and to that other paper by that other author, whom... umm, wait.. what was his original theory? Let's google him.. Read this wiki, okay press on that link, and this one too because you must understand the origin of the thoughts.. and it goes on and on until you decide 'okay!' we must go back to where we were..
It is utterly frustrating to go through such a journey every minute of every day.. Although I sometimes enjoy the ride.. I gain new insights, it put things into perspectives, I write adding more ideas to the list of 'ideas to explore' that I already have.. It definitely helps you understand things more deeply, and sometimes in a wider sense too.. You do get a lot of encouragement and drive once your brain shoot off to La La Land! Visualizing the many papers published on this seemingly 'original' ideas, and then of course presenting such papers in conferences.. Sometimes it even shoots further more towards the moon and visualize the receipt of a Noble prize or a similar award! Yes, the brain could be that deceiving..
Then you get a wake-up shock to reality probably by an announcement 15 minutes prior to closing the order catalogue, or an uncomfortable stare by your neighbor..
I wonder how much should we give in to those dreamy shifts that we encounter on a daily basis, and how much should we resist being swayed in those dreams.. Whatever the decision, at the end of the day, it is indeed the journey that must be enjoyed and benefited from rather than the focus to reach one destination.. For, in a journey you may change the direction and it is important to keep the 'antennas' alert! Sometimes the heart senses that which the brain cannot comprehend. I find refuge in believing that.

July 9, 2009

MJ's Death

Michael Jackson's death has come as a shock to the entire world. No one can deny the scope of this event. Whether a lover or a hater or in-between, The King of Pop has earned his fame!

As I sit back watching a series of MJ's Home videos, I can't help but ask myself: How did he do it? A talented kid coming from a Middle-Class family, living in a crowded house (11 members in a 2-bedroom apartment). He described how they would lift their furniture to make space for the dance floor and how they would throw parties and invite the neighbors. He also talked about how all the family was involved in perfecting the songs, dances and lyrics.

It amazed me how in such difficult times one would rise up so high. It must be Michael's talent and commitment to success, his drive to shine above the ordinary. He spoke about himself, I have seen very few people who know themselves so well! He commented on his home videos and from his commentary you could perceive the soft yet powerful stand that he holds for himself. Confidence with isolation, kindness with mysteriousness.

When he talked about his fashion and how many outfits he would try, how many socks and shoes he would put on dance with and observe himself in the mirror.. "I didn't want to copy anyone, I want it to be original" MJ said.. I admire that! How can one go out without being a victim of fashion? of social trends? of changing paradigms? How can one be so original? He decided to set the trend instead. This is definitely one of the things that made MJ so special and original.

When he described the hard work and great efforts that he put into producing his music, I was surprised to know that he writes about 100 songs and acts it out then select the best to be in his album! No wonder every song that he wrote and performed was in the top billboard. Someone with such passion for what he does and dedication and insistence to succeed must succeed, no doubt!

It gives me shivers when I see people across the globe crying for MJ's death.. If it means anything it would mean that his life and songs have touched their hearts.. It must have came from his heart!

His life has been so inspiring to many people.. I walked away with a quest to find my passion in something that I wouldn't mind living for perfecting it!

Thank you MJ, RIP.. الله يرحمه برحمته التي وسعت كل شيء