April 17, 2009

The Big Bang, Cosmic Crunch and Everything in Between

As part of my research on the Global Carbon Cycle, which is the first part on my Technical Overview Chapter, I got swayed by reading an extremely interesting book, The Carbon Age. It starts from prehistoric times and the origin of Early Age, from the 'Big Bang' and when and how carbon as an element (C) came to existence. Beside the insightful findings about C and how it constitutes everything in this Universe, from our bodies to the geological formations of Earth. I found most interesting the talk about the origins of the Universe and the scientific evidence of the Big Bang Theory, which to me as a Muslim is very much true because of the evidence in the Quraan and the stories of how God created the Universe. It got me into analysing in different depths the meanings of many verses that we come across. A lot of Dr. Zaghlool Al-Najjar has a lot to do with conveying the message that science overlaps with the Quraan. But because I believe that the Quraan is a living miracle, I also know that there is knowledge so grand that is yet to be absorbed and understood by us, the Quraan reciters. It gets revealed to us and inspire our knowledge about the cosmic world. I have always paused at the page in Surat Al-Baqara that talks about the creation of Adam as the 'ambassador' of Earth. The details that verses get into and the beautiful dialogue between God and his Angels. It always gets me into thinking and reflecting about a different issue every time I recite it. This time it definitely repeatedly ignites questions about the timeframe of Earth and how things were created, one after the other, and when did Adam exactly come down to Earth. Are these scientific evidence that we now know about how different chemical elements came together and how the Universe in its entirety is nothing but a group of chemical reactions and chemical compounds that were created one after the other with time intervals regulated by the temperature on Earth and how all this lead to the existence of Energy which supplies 'life' on the planet. I feel that there is something deep and virgin in this area that is so well-worth exploiting. One day! :-)

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