April 16, 2009


Everyone and everything has an 'age'. There is a timeframe for the existence of almost everything, including ideas that expire in time, injuries that heal in time, feelings, relationships and of course us, human beings. Even Earth has an age, plants and animals do too. Everything in God's making seems to be following a universal law. It is because everything was made by the same Creator, it all falls under the same rule. Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend because of the human's 'bounded rationality', but it is quiet obvious that the entire world is in harmony. It has been said over and over, every single 'thing' or 'being' on Earth (and perhaps beyond) has the same 'stamp'. From the nucleus circular motions, to the planetary circular motion.. From the veins in the trees and the leaves to the veins in the animal's breeds.. the waves trends of economic boom and recession, rise and fall of civilisations, heart beats and blood pressure, respiratory system, and even the Fall and Spring throughout the year. The same 'stamp' is there.. SubhanAlah

But what is most interesting, is the age of all people on Earth. It is the measure of the 'knowledge' body generated on earth. The measure of the 'intellect' produced on Earth. It is rather 'accumulative' in nature. Just how 'age' accumulates. Also, the 'outcome' of humanity generated on Earth is accumulative. Hence, like we learn from ancient stories in the Quraan, we also 'build' on such knowledge in our own special way. The inventions made to day is being superseded and built on. We learn, we move on, we die, we pass on.. That is why 'reform' is important، الإصلاح في الأرض, because we must make every effort to make sure our foundations on Earth is correct in our own way, for the next generations. That is why we must 'implant' the seed we hold in our hands, even if at the most horrific and terrorising situation, The Hour. This reveals the meaning of our system of living. We build, implant and leave.. Until one day, this Earth would have exhausted its age and even 'it' will vanish.

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